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United Communications Long Distance services all your long distance needs. In addition you have the added convenience of having your long distance charges included with your telephone bill.

Long Distance Plans and Rates
All 1 + dialed calls are billed at the rate of 11 cents per minute. Prices are for calls in the United States and apply to both residential and business customers. As an optional service, the United Super Savings Toll Plan is available. For a $4.95 monthly fee, in state calls are billed a flat fee of 8 cents per minute and all out of state calls are billed at 6 cents per minute.

800 Service
Calls dialed and completed without the assistance of an operator and do not include collect calls, conference calls, calling card calls or any other operator handled calls. 800 service is provided on a monthly basis. Rates are the same for both business and residential lines.

Service Charge per 800 number
Monthly Rate: $3.95
Rate per minute: 11 cents

UCA Calling Card Service
This service is a one-way, dial-in-dial-out multipoint service. Customers access United Communications facilities by dialing an 800 number. Rates: Billed at a rate of 15 cents per minute on all calls in the continental United States. There is no per call surcharge. Since the service is provided through an 800 number, the FCC required charge of .29 cents on all 800 numbers dialed from a pay phone will apply.

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